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Who is heaven?

Heaven was born in Milan dby three founders-Brendan, Caterina and Inga. It is the only Italian company specializing in oats and thank you in the continuous search, è innovatore in the industry in both tastes and products. It has in fact invented theavenaccino, trademark registeredor, for cappuccino plant-based made with heaven bartender.

How did the name heaven come about?

The brand name was chosen perché the word “heaven” encapsulates “aven and oats is our main ingredient. But especially the translation literal

suggests that the brand espouses the value of positivity, spurring one to lead a healthy and happy life that has a positive impact on
themselves, others and the environment.
To emphasize the value of lightness, the lettering of the logo rises to the sky.

Who is the blue heaven bird?

The little blue bird is a symbol of the
pursuit of
happiness, one of the most beautiful feelings that exist and that we love the most.
Because we all know:

plays a very important role
on daily happiness.

Why choose heaven?

Choose heaven means espousing the values of an Italian brand that strongly cares about health, product quality and sustainability.

Why only oats?

Oats are a superfood For the healthful properties it naturally has. Thanks to his betaglucans absorbs cholesterol from other foods and limits its intestinal absorption and deposition in the arteries. In fact, if consumed frequently, it establishes regularity in the digestive system and gives a sense of satiety useful for those who want to follow a light diet. In addition, oats are a natural energizer. The beneficial effect on health is achieved by daily intake of 3g of beta-glucans characteristic of oats

Da dove proviene l'avena?

Il primario obiettivo di heaven è di non scendere a compromessi con il gusto del prodotto. La qualità e il gusto del prodotto dipendono per gran parte dalle condizioni a cui è sottoposta l’aveva durante la raccolta. Di conseguenza heaven seleziona le migliori raccolte disponibili ogni stagione nei paesi europei che forniscono le migliori condizioni per gli ingredienti: inverni duri e freddi e lunghe e calde giornate estive. 

Why are oats said to be sustainable?

Oats are hardy plants that do not require irrigation; they feed only on rainwater. Oat-based beverage production has among the lowest water consumption, CO
and land occupancy compared with cow’s milk and plant-based substitutes.

What does rPET mean?

RPET stands for recycled plastic. L’rPET is the lightest packaging material that can be used for the kind of products we develop. The lighter the packaging, the lower theCO2 impact during transport and distribution of the product, whether it travels on a road transport or by delivery via zero-emission bicycles. Heaven uses rPET preformed, which reduces the impact on the weight of packaging transported before the product is manufactured. It also provides security for the product by being stable and not fragile

Why did you choose rPET bottles?

Sustainability plays an important role among the core values of heaven, both in terms of recipe ingredients and the packaging material used to protect the product. The choice of bottles in rPET colorless (50% recycled) supports our will to strike a balance between food waste, safety, quality, recycling e convenience.

Have you thought about plant-based plastics?

The goal of

Use the most sustainable packaging material available at the time; however, the life cycle of plant-derived PET is not long enough. This means that availability, quality and recycling programs are not yet ready to support the use of such material.

Can the packaging be recycled?

Yes, product packaging can be 100% recycled. However, we advise you to check which container they should be thrown into so that they are recycled in the right recycling scheme designed by your municipality. Heaven uses caps made of HDPE, which is high-density polyethylene. It is recyclable and should be recycled along with the bottle.

Are they without added sugars?

Yes, all heaven products are without added sugars and contain only the natural sugars of oats.

Are they gluten-free?

No, our products are not gluten free. Oats are naturally gluten free, but During storage it may come in contact with different grains that contain gluten. For this reason, we cannot guarantee its complete absence.

Are they plant-based?

Yes, all of heaven’s products are 100% plant-based, animal free. Even heaven breakfast, in fact, a natural and 100% plant-based flavor made from botanical extracts is used to achieve the honey aftertaste.

Are they lactose-free?

Yes, all Heaven products are naturally lactose-free.

Are they organic?

Products heaven are no GMOs and are not organic. When it comes to the oats, heaven uses premium ingredients from traditional agriculture.

Are the products protein?

Our products have an average protein content of 0.6 g/100 ml. They naturally contain protein (we do not add any during production) that is derived from oats. The Barista version has a higher percentage of protein than our other drinks, designed to have a better yield in creating foam in the Avenaccino.

Are the products suitable for children and pregnant women?

Yes, all our products can also be consumed by children, depending on their age, and by pregnant women because they contain no added sugar, only natural ingredients.

What is gellan gum?

The gum of

is a 100% natural ingredient that is still little known.

a soluble fiber, a polysaccharide produced by fermentation of the culture of the

found in plants, including water lilies. After the fermentation process, it is dried, ground e pulverized. Heaven uses rubber from gellan to prevent coagulation of fats and proteins and ., at the same time, to help stabilize added nutrients (such as calcium) keeping them well mixed and distributed.

What is canola oil?

We add canola oil (non-GMO) to our products to achieve the desired nutritional fat content and texture for ouri productsi. The choice of canola oil there allows Of balancing sustainability, taste and nutritional health. Compared to other vegetable oils, it contains less saturated fat and has a neutral taste that lets the flavor of our oats stand out. Canola oil is generally considered a “healthy” oil because it is very low in saturated fat. It contains a significant level of omega-3 polyunsaturated fats, as well as significant amounts of phytosterols (about 0.9 percent by weight) that reduce cholesterol absorption in the body. Of course, these benefits come on a small scale.

Are there any added vitamins?

Vitamins B12, B2 and D are added within our drinks in order to provide the same nutrients as the latte vaccine and really be plant-based substitutes. The only milk that does not contain added vitamins is heaven bartender because they would alter the consistency and it would be difficult to get foam.

How do you store the products?

For conservation information, readi the instructions provided on the product packaging.

Should I store the products in the refrigerator?

No, possono essere conservati a temperatura ambiente in un luogo preferibilmente fresco e asciutto. Per ottenere la migliore esperienza in termini di qualità e soprattutto gusto, però, ti consigliamo di conservare qualsiasi prodotto heaven in frigorifero prima dell’uso.

How long can they stay open?

After opening, you can store the products in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

At what temperature should I store them once opened?

The ideal temperature is between 2°C and 8°C.

Can I consume the products after the expiration date?

The date listed on the packaging of each product is about quality, not safety. It is a “preferably by.” Once the date has passed, it does not mean that the food will be harmful or harmful, but it may begin to lose flavor and texture. It is important to remember that the date will only be consistent with the date listed if the product is stored according to the instructions on the label. Consumption of the product after the expiration date should be evaluated on individual decision.

Is the deposit at the bottom of the bottle normal?

This is normal: there are vitamins and minerals in our drinks, which naturally tend to settle to the bottom over time. In the Breakfast version, the phenomenon is also due to the cinnamon powder, although it is ground very finely.

If I find lumps inside the bottle?

If lumps should be present, consumption is perfectly safe within the expiration date. The phenomenon may be due to the spontaneous aggregation of proteins on the surface, which is easily “solved” by shaking the bottle well so as to bring them back into suspension.

Di cosa è fatto questo sostituto allo yogurt vegetale? (ingredienti + processo)

Le nostre alternative allo yogurt sono realizzate con avena, acqua, sale, fermenti lattici e altri ingredienti usati per migliorare la consistenza come amido di tapioca, gomma di gellano e pectina. Il processo segue quello dei tradizionali yogurt lattici: gli ingredienti vengono miscelati, pastorizzati per sicurezza alimentare e inoculati con gli fermenti. Durante la fermentazione, i fermenti lattici metabolizzano gli zuccheri naturalmente presenti nell’avena, acidificando l’alternativa allo yogurt e migliorandone la consistenza. Per le varianti alla frutta con Mango e Mirtillo, vengono aggiunti altri ingredienti per garantire che i pezzi di frutta rimangano integri e nelle migliori condizioni fino al consumo.

Perché contiene proteine di fava?

L’uso di proteina di fava nei nostri prodotti arricchisce i valori nutrizionali e fornisce une fonte di proteine per la tua dieta. Inoltre, assicura la consistenza cremosa e vellutata del prodotto senza l’aggiunta di altre fonti proteiche communente usate che contengono allergeni, come la soia.

L’alternativa allo yogurt a base d'avena contiene probiotici?

Come gli yogurt lattice, le nostre alternative allo yogurt contengono fermenti vivi, specificamente Lactobacillus delbrueckii e Streptococcus thermophilus. Questi fermenti rimangono vivi per tutta la durata della vita del prodotto fino al suo consumo.

Contiene fermenti lattici? È fermentato?

Certamente, le nostre alternative allo yogurt a base d’avena subiscono un processo di fermentazione con i fermenti lattici Lactobacillus delbrueckii e Streptococcus thermophilus. Questo processo migliora la consistenza e bilancia l’acidità e il sapore, preservando l’integrità del prodotto.

Le vostre alternative allo yogurt hanno gli stessi benefici dello yogurt tradizionale?

Le nostre alternative allo yogurt offrono benefici simili allo yogurt tradizionale, inclusi la presenza di fermenti lattici vivi, fonte di proteine e consistenza unica. Tuttavia, non utilizziamo alcun ingrediente di origine animale nella produzione e utilizziamo l’avena come base dei nostri prodotti, senza aggiungere zuccheri oltre a quelli naturalmente presenti nell’avena e la frutta.

Le vostre alternative allo yogurt sono senza latticini?

Assolutamente, i nostri prodotti sono completamente vegani e non utilizzano nessun ingrediente lattico o derivato del latte, rendendoli adatti a intolleranze al lattosio e allergie alle proteine del latte.

Contengono fermenti lattici, gli stessi fermenti utilizzati per i yogurt latticini, ma sono prodotti senza l’uso di ingredienti derivati dal latte in nessuna parte del processo produttivo.

Chi ha intolleranze alimentari può consumare i vostri prodotti alternativi allo yogurt

Le nostre alternative allo yogurt non contengono soia, lattosio e altri allergeni tranne il glutine. L’avena non contiene naturalmente glutine, ma c’è un potenziale di contaminazione incrociata durante la raccolta dell’avena; quindi, non possiamo garantire che siano prive di glutine.

Le vostre alternative allo yogurt contengono calcio e vitamine?

No, le nostre alternative allo yogurt a base d’avena non sono arricchite con calcio e vitamine.

Le vostre alternative allo yogurt favoriscono la riduzione di colesterolo?

L’avena che utilizziamo come ingrediente principale nei nostri prodotti contiene fibre e beta-glucani, che ha dimostrato di ridurre i livelli di colesterolo. Inoltre, i nostri yogurt sono a basso contenuto di grassi e grassi saturi, rendendoli un’opzione più salutare rispetto ad altri prodotti sul mercato.

Quanto sono salutari le vostre alternative allo yogurt?

  • L’avena è ricca di una fibra solubile chiamata beta-glucano, che ha dimostrato di ridurre il colesterolo. Quindi lo yogurt d’avena può essere utile per il tuo cuore.

Le nostre alternative allo yogurt a base di avena sono pensate per privilegiare la salute. Come tutti i nostri prodotti, sono salutari perché utilizziamo avena di alta qualità come ingrediente principale. In questo caso, offriamo anche fermenti lattici vivi, fonte di proteine, basso contenuto di grasse e senza zuccheri aggiunti, solo zuccheri naturalmente presenti nell’avena e la frutta.

Sono vegan* posso mangiare le vostre alternative allo yogurt vegetali?

Assolutamente, i nostri prodotti sono certificati Vegan. Non contengono nessun ingrediente di origine animale, rendendoli completamente adatti alle diete vegane.

Le vostre alternative allo yogurt sono senza zuccheri aggiunti?

Sì, le nostre alternative allo yogurt a base d’avena non contengono zuccheri aggiunti, hanno gli zuccheri che derivano naturalmente dall’avena e la frutta. Poiché non vogliamo utilizzare dolcificanti artificiali, produciamo prodotti leggermente meno dolci in cui il vero sapore dell’avena e dei frutti è più evidente.

Come posso utilizzare questa alternativa vegetale allo yogurt in cucina?

Le nostre alternative allo yogurt a base d’avena sono molto versatili. Possono essere utilizzate come utilizzeresti qualsiasi altro yogurt lattico: a colazione, dessert o spuntino durante il giorno. Ma non solo questo, possono essere utilizzati per la pasticceria, piatti salati e per molte altre alternative. Diventa creativo e testale in tutte le ricette che la tua immaginazione può suggerire, non dimenticare di farci sapere qual è il tuo preferito.

Why eat Oat Yogurt?

Lo yogurt d’avena ti dà energia e una sensazione di pienezza che alimenta davvero il corpo. Inoltre, l’alto contenuto di fibre solubili in questo yogurt insieme ai probiotici aiuta a migliorare la digestione e il tasso di metabolismo nel corpo.

Can the term “vegetable yogurt” be used?

  • As we read in this extract from an article published in “Il Fatto Quotidiano”: “The Court of Justice of the European Union has established that purely vegetable products cannot be marketed with names such as “milk”, “milk cream or cream”, “butter”, “cheese” and “yogurt”, because this name is reserved for products of animal origin by Community law. For judges, the ban also applies if these names are completed by explanatory or descriptive indications, which indicate the vegetal origin of the product in question.”
  • Source: Il Fatto Quotidiano – La Corte di Justice: “If it is vegan it cannot be called milk or even butter or cream”: -if-it-is-vegan-you-can’t-call-milk-or-even-butter-or-cream/3658667/
  • However, there is still a great debate going on about this topic in many other non-European countries. Several dairy producers are fighting this, arguing that it would be misleading for consumers to use such words for plant-based products, given that milk, cheeses and yogurts are normally of animal origin .
  • This fact could also be seen as a symptom of the change that the sector is facing in recent years. New products have already been launched on the market, others are being born and probably also need a new name.

How is the taste and texture?

Our plain yogurt has a very mild, neutral oat flavor, a rich, creamy texture and balanced acidity. It’s thicker than European yogurt but not as thick as Greek yogurt, so it should stick to the spoon. We think it tastes good enough to eat on its own, but it also pairs great with fresh fruit flavors.


Our yogurt alternatives are packaged in plastic jars with aluminum lids. All additional product information is printed directly on the outer carton. This is the best packaging solution we have found so far, as all packaging materials can be separated and easily recycled by the Italian recycling system.

Management of product waste that occurs during the production process.

Naturally we try to reduce the amount of waste to a minimum by optimizing all phases of yoghurt production. Regardless, we will still end up with some waste of the final product or ingredients we use. Instead of throwing it away, all the waste is used to feed the pig farms near the plant.

On the other hand, whenever we have a final product left over, we never throw it away, we always donate the products to those in need or through platforms like “Too Good to Go”.

Can I drink fresh heaven milk?

Our cool drinks make the most of all the organoleptic qualities of the product. But they are also great at room temperature or warm.

Can I heat heaven drinks? Even in the microwave?

Yes, our drinks can also be heated for hot drinks (e.g., theavenaccino) or in sweet and savory recipes.

How can I consume the drinks?

When developing our products, we carefully consider the needs of consumers and the best opportunity to use thedrinks: original fresh by the glass, barista in the coffee, breakfast in the cereal and snack for snacks. For this we design and implement the range of products for what we see as the main occasion when our products can be enjoyed. But it all depends on personal taste, for example have you ever prepared a avenaccino Cinnamon with breakfast?

Can I use heaven milk for cooking?

Yes, our drinks are perfect in both sweet and savory recipes.

Can I consume the products after the expiration date?

The date listed on the packaging of each product is about quality, not safety. It is a “preferably by.” Once the date has passed, it does not mean that the food will be harmful or harmful, but it may begin to lose flavor and texture. It is important to remember that the date will only be consistent with the date listed if the product is stored according to the instructions on the label. Consumption of the product after the expiration date should be evaluated on individual decision.

What is avenaccino?


® is the light and tasty alternative to the classic cappuccino and is made with

heaven barista

, the 100% plant-based beverage awarded the Superior Taste Award.

How is avenaccino prepared?

Here you will find all the tips for creating

our avenaccino with heaven barista


Why can't I get foam?

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Where can I enjoy avenaccino at the bar?

On this page you will find
all bars in here enjoy our avenaccino

At which outlets can I buy heaven?

You can buy the products
in the

refrigerated counter of these supermarkets


Can I also find them online?

Puoi acquistare i prodotti heaven sul nostro shop online, sugli scaffali dei principali supermercati d’Italia, oppure ci trovi anche su Cortilia, Amazon con U2, Deliveroo, Glovo, Tulips, Eataly e tanti altri…

What payment methods do you accept?

As a payment method, we accept Amex, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay, Google Pay e Paypal.

Can I pay the courier directly by cash on delivery or credit card?

No, we only accept online payments.

What is the delivery time?

Delivery is generally within 3 working days. Sundays and holidays are not considered working days.

How much is the shipping cost?

Costi e Tempi di spedizioni in Italia

  • Le spese di spedizione in Italia, per ordini superiori a 35 euro, sono gratuite.
  • Per ordini inferiori a il costo è di 4,88€ per il resto dell’Italia e 6,10€ nelle isole.
  • La consegna avviene in 3 giorni lavorativi. Domenica e festivi non sono considerati giorni lavorativi.
  • La consegna, se non diversamente concordato e comunicato sulle note dell’ordine o con una e-mail, avverrà durante l’orario di ufficio 9.00-12.30/14.00-18.30, tutti i giorni, esclusi i giorni festivi, dal lunedì al sabato.

Costi e Tempi di spedizioni in Europa

  • Le spese di spedizione in Europa zona 1(Austria, Belgio, Danimarca, Francia, Germania, Lussemburgo, Olanda, Polonia, Portogallo, Slovenia, Spagna e Ungheria) è pari a 5,99€ per collo.
  • Per gli acquisti in Europa zona 2, (Bulgaria, Croazia, Estonia, Finlandia, Irlanda, Lettonia, Lituania, Repubblica Ceca, Romania, Serbia, Slovaccia, Svezia e Turchia), le spese di spedizione sono pari a 9,49 € a collo ordinato.

Where do you deliver by bike?

In Milan, Florence and Rome, delivery is by bicycle and is free.

ZIP Milan:

20121, 20122, 20123, 20124, 20125, 20126, 20127, 20129, 20131, 20132, 20133, 20135, 20136, 20137, 20139, 20141, 20142, 20143, 20144, 20145, 20146, 20148, 20149, 20154, 20155, 20158, 20159, 20138, 20134, 20156.

ZIP code Florence:

50121, 50122, 50123, 50124, 50125, 50126, 50127, 50129, 50131, 50132, 50133, 50134, 50135, 50136, 50137, 50139, 50141, 50142, 50143, 50144, 50145.

ZIP code Rome:

00135, 00136, 00141, 00142, 00143, 00144, 00145, 00146, 00147, 00149, 00151, 00152, 00153, 00154, 00157, 00158, 00159, 00161, 00162, 00164, 00165, 00167, 00171, 00172, 00174, 00175, 00176, 00177, 00179, 00181, 00182, 00183, 00184, 00185, 00186, 00187, 00191, 00192, 00193, 00195, 00196, 00197, 00198, 00199.

How does the heaven subscription work?

Products are sent automatically with the frequency you select without having to place an order each time. No strings attached, you can change or delete your subscription whenever you want.

Do the products arrive cold or at room temperature?

No, our products are delivered at room temperature. Our cool drinks make the most of all the organoleptic qualities of the product, but they are also excellent at room temperature or hot.

I haven't received all the products, how do I do it?

If you receive damaged, missing or incorrect products, please contact the Servizio Clients at

Can I exercise the right of withdrawal?

You changed your mind after placing an order on our ecommerce? Contact our Customer Service Department at And we will do everything to handle your request. It will be however impossible to cancel the order in case the shipping process has already started.

Can I make the return?

To make a return contact our Customer Service Department at

communicating the order code so that we can verify what happened. In the case of a return, shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

How does the refund work?

To obtain a refund, contact our Customer Service Department at.,

communicating the order code so that we can verify the necessary conditions.

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Our team is always available to answer all your questions and curiosities!


    When to consume Heaven

    Did you know that Coldiretti estimates that 17% of the food produced is thrown away (
    source Coldiretti
    )? In Italy we are talking about 67kg per capita per year.
    A chilling figure when analyzed both ethically and in terms of wasted resources (raw materials, water, soil, sun, fossil fuels…).
    That is why in Heaven we are strongly against food waste and do everything to make sure it does not happen. The first step is to understand when and how to consume our beverages.

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    The date listed on our products is intended as “best before…” which means that the quality of the product is guaranteed from an organoleptic, nutritional and chemical point of view (such as fat separation and fiber sedimentation). However, from a biological point of view, the product can last much longer; in fact, UHT vegetable beverages such as ours can be consumed as long as 6-8 months after the indicated day.

    In case you have a product that has just passed the “best used up by…”, please feel free to contact us for assistance before you decide to throw it away. We strive to ensure that your every consumption of our products provides you with the most enjoyable experience possible, yet we also take care to educate our customers about food waste and the safety of products consumed after the products have exceeded their shelf life.

    What to do after the opening?

    The nutritional and organoleptic decay of products, after coming into contact with air and oxygen, is much faster, which is why we indicate consuming them within 5 days.

    Our advice, however, is to evaluate the condition of the product even beyond 5 days. How? It is as simple as that:

    • Smell the drink
    • Observe both the bottle (it must not have bulged) and the product (has it changed color or consistency?).
    • If it passed the smell and sight test, you can taste it.


    Materiale bottiglia: Bottiglia: plastica PET1 Tappo: plastica HDPE2 Etichetta: plastica PET1

    To know where to throw bottle, cap and label, verify the regulations of the municipality where you live.

    Why did we choose rPET plastic bottles?

    Environmental impact of beverage packaging


    To know where to throw bottle, cap and label, verify the regulations of the municipality where you live.

    Why did we choose Cartocan?

    • The cartocan is an innovative packaging that allows excellent preservation of our product, composed of 70% FSC-certified paper, 30% aluminum and polyethylene
    • It is 100% recyclable (the paper is entirely recycled, while the rest is thermally recycled and becomes energy)
    • It emits 20-60% less CO2 for its production than other comparable packaging (e.g., cans)

    How to consume, how to recycle.

    Download the complete guide on how to consume our products and how to recycle packaging.

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